Multiscale Modeling of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
Multiscale Modeling of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage

Press articles & interviews

  • Interview in the online magazine AEF about how Prof. A.A. Franco got his ERC grant (March 19, 2018): the PDF of the interview below
Interview in the online magazine AEF about how Prof. Franco got his ERC Grant.
Dépêche 582058.pdf
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  • Conference of Prof. A.A. Franco about his ERC project, in the Ceremonie de Créateurs d'Avenir, organized by the Université de Picardie Jules Verne (February 22, 2018, Amiens, France):
  • Communiqué de Presse by the Université de Picardie Jules Verne, about Prof. A.A. Franco's ERC Consolidator Grant (December 2017):  here and PDF below
Communiqué de presse UPJV - Prof. A.A. Franco ERC - December 2017
cp-erc Franco.pdf
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  • Prof. A.A. Franco's interview in the regional newspaper Le Courrier Picard, regarding his ERC Consolidator Grant project "ARTISTIC" (December 19, 2017): the PDF of the article below
Prof. A.A. Franco's interview - Le Courrier Picard - December 19, 2017
c picard 19.12.17.pdf
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  • Article in the French magazine Les Echos regarding the laboratory LRCS, the Energy HUB and including Prof. A.A. Franco's interview about his ERC Consolidator Grant project "ARTISTIC" (December 14, 2017): link to the article and PDF, below
Prof. A.A. Franco's Interview - Les Echos - December 14, 2017
Amiens veut devenir la capitale des batt[...]
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  • Promotional video of the IFP School teaching activities (where Prof. Franco is involved at the Master level since 2014), including a  sequence of  Prof. Franco's Virtual Reality tool to teach Energy Storage (since second 35). 
  • "Meeting with high school students" by Prof. A.A. Franco, organized by Region Picardie (Lycée Delambre-Montaigne, Amiens) (November 23, 2015): Prof. A.A. Franco met the students and discussed with them within a meeting-series organized by Region Picardie aiming on demystifying the life of a scientist. the video of the meeting, including an interview to Prof. Franco is available here
  • "Portrait de Chercheur" by Picardie Region (France) of Prof. A.A. Franco (June 2015): Prof. A.A. Franco has been interviewed by Picardie Region (France) within the context of their programme "Portraits de Chercheurs". This programme consists on interviewing the Picardie scientists about their career, dreams, personality and daily hobbies. The interview can be downloaded herebelow and it is also accessible in the Region Picardie website.
Portrait de Chercheur by Region Picardie - Alejandro A. Franco
FRANCO Portrait de Chercheur.pdf
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  • Interview of Prof. Franco in the "Agir en Picardie" magazine, from Picardie Region (France) (November, 2014): Prof. A.A. Franco has been interviewed in the "Agir en Picardie" magazine, sponsored by the Picardie Region (France), because he is one of the three laureates of the 2013-2014 call for projects "Accueil Chercheur Haut Niveau" ("New Hosted High Level Researchers") with his project called "MASTERS" on lithium air batteries. The full magazine (appearing monthly) including Prof. Franco's interview can be accessed online here, and the pages with the interview are available herebelow for download:  
Interview Prof. A.A. Franco - Agir en Picardie - November 2014
Interview Prof Franco - Agir en Picardie[...]
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  • E-Newsletter of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (Fall 2013, Volume 5, Issue 3: Prof. Franco research activities have been highlighted in the E-Newsletter of the IAHE of September 2013 (Section "Research Group Highlights"). The association stimulates the exchange of information in Hydrogen Energy field through its publications and journals (International Journal of Hydrogen Energy) as well as sponsorship of international workshops and conferences ( The E-Newsletter including the article on Prof. Franco's research activities, is available herebelow for download:


IAHE e-newsletter of Fall 2013 highlighting Prof. Franco's research activities.
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  • Review by Prof. Bruno Pollet (Hysa Systems, South Africa) of the book "Polymer Electrolyte Membrane and Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Technology", edited by C. Hartnig and C. Roth, Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy, Woodhead Publishing Ltd., Cambridge, UK, 2012. Prof. Pollet's review is published in the magazine Platinum Metals Review (Johnson Matthey Plc) (volume 57, issue 2, pages 137-142, April 2013) and can be accessed here. The review includes comments on the Chapter written by Prof. A.A. Franco entitled "Modelling and Analysis of Degradation Phenomena in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells" (available for download here  -Reference CHO-001-).






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