Multiscale Modeling of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
Multiscale Modeling of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage

Journals review

Prof. Franco is referee of several internationally recognized journals in the field of electrochemistry and electrochemical power generators. Since 2005 he has reviewed more than 300 papers submitted for publication in several journals including: "Nature communications", "Chemical Society Reviews", "Langmuir", "Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters", "Journal of the American Chemical Society", “Solid State Ionics”, “Fuel Cells: from fundamentals to systems”, “Electrochimica Acta”, “Journal of the Electrochemical Society”, “Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry”, “International Journal of Hydrogen Energy” , “Journal of Power Sources”, "ACS Catalysis", "Electrochemistry Communications", "Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry", "Energy and Environmental Science", "Chemistry of Materials".


Alejandro A. Franco,

Full Professor & 

Junior Member of the 

Institut Universitaire de France



Phone number:

+33 3 22 82 53 36


Institut Universitaire de France




Laboratoire de Réactivité et Chimie des Solides (LRCS)

Université de Picardie Jules Verne - UMR CNRS 7314

HUB de l'Energie, Rue Baudelocque, 80039 Amiens, France




Réseau sur le Stockage Electrochimique de l'Energie (RS2E)

FR CNRS 3459





ALISTORE-ERI, European Research Institute

FR CNRS 3104



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