Multiscale Modeling of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
Multiscale Modeling of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage

Licence courses

  • History of Science (Prof. A.A. Franco) (L2, UPJV, 20 hours): 2014

This is a course fully-designed by Prof. Franco on the History of Science and of the Scientific Method. The lectures cover several aspects, from the steam machine to the artificial intelligence, from the fire discovery to the LHC at CERN, the theories of the origin of life, the evolution of our view of the Universe all along the centuries...Quantum Mechanics, Particles Physics, Relativity, Big Bang, Gödel Theorem, Thermodynamics, Chaos, Fractals...are some of the keywords representative of what is explained in this lectures-series. The course is enriched by epistemological concepts aiming to develop the students' creativity. Games are also proposed all along the lectures aiming to develop a strong interaction with the students.

At the final lecture, the students are requested to make a short oral presentation and provide a short report on a scientific topic of their choice, but under some "formal constraints" explained in Lecture 2.


Students from this module are kindly requested to go to the APPLETS section to find the exercises proposed by Prof. Franco during his lectures.


  • Oral and written expression (Prof. A. A. Franco) (L1, UPJV, 24 hours): 2013-2014

Many students entering in the University suffer timidity and thus have difficulties to communicate in front of an audience. This interactive course provides hints to succeed in oral presentations, to manage the stress and to prepare scientific reports. The students are in particular asked to prepare a research project on a topic of their choice, in the form of a report, a poster and an oral presentation. Technical tips for the preparation of good reports and presentation materials through the use of specific software (e.g. Word and PowerPoint) are also provided.      


  • Practice on Chemical Reactions and their Control (Prof. A. A. Franco) (L3, UPJV, 8 hours): 2013

This is a practice on Thermodynamics, where the following topics are covered through comprehensive experiments and demonstrations: Temperature, Phases Transition, and Calorimetry.

  • Guided exercises on Equilibrium Chemistry (Prof. A.A. Franco) (L1, UPJV, 40 hours): 2014

This is practice on Equilibrium Chemistry, Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry related concepts covered through compresive exercises. 





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